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How to Put Batteries in a Camping Lantern
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There are a variety of camping lanterns, each manufactured to provide ambient and direct light while camping in dark and remote areas where natural and artificial light may be scarce or non-existent. Use your outdoor camping lanterns for camping, hiking or fishing. Bring an extra set of batteries just in case the first set run out of power. You can quickly and easily switch out the first set for the second using just your hands or a pocket-size screwdriver.

Step 1

Flip the led camping lantern upside down. Hold the lantern upside down with the top pressed against the palm of your hand. Holding the led camping lantern in this position will increase your hold on the lantern and minimize the potential for an accidental drop.

Step 2

Remove the circular or rectangular cover, which may require joggling it slightly to release it. If the lantern cover is secured with a set of screws, unscrew the hardware using a flathead screwdriver or star head screwdriver.

Step 3

Check the inside of the battery cover for battery instructions. Look for a printed label or data plate on the inside of the battery cover detailing the number and size battery the lantern requires. Common battery sizes for led camping lights including AA, C and D batteries.

Step 4

Insert the batteries as directed. Face the (+) end of the battery toward the battery channel marked with a (+) sign.

Step 5

Double check that if the batteries are pressed firmly into place and flush against the battery channel.

Step 6

Put the battery cover back on and use as directed.



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